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Hello, we are Mike and Bri Bales and we started this company back in 2014 with $42, an ambulance, and a dream.

Mike had been working for a few different companies and was getting extremely irritated with how they treated customers. He was actually fired from one company for refusing to put in a $700 overpriced part that a customer didn't need. That’s when we started making plans. We were going to be a company that people could trust and count on. We were going to give people options and the knowledge to make an educated decision for themselves. We got our little business plan started, we scraped all of our money together, and we started looking for a service truck. We found an old, retired ambulance for sale and we had half of what they were asking. We drove 2 hours to see the truck, negotiated and drove home with an ambulance and $42 to our name. We edited our business plan to highlight the ambulance, drew up a logo, called our friends at Alphagraffix, and thus AC Medic was born. We have since built an awesome team that believes in the values that we were founded on and we work hard to uphold that integrity and compassion. We give back when we can, we pray when we can't, and we will always do our best to serve our customers and our community.

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