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                      Air Conditioning Filters


      Air conditioning filters are often overlooked as being one of the most important parts of an air conditioning and heating system. The filter in an air handling unit protects your heating unit and evaporator coil from dust, debris, and particulate matter floating in the air. Just as an oil filter on a car protects your engine from harmful contaminants in the oil, the air conditioning filter offers the same kind of protection of the air in your home.


    Keeping the filter in your air conditioning and heating system clean is vital to the efficiency and life expectancy of the total HVAC system. Blocked or stopped-up air filters lead to improper operation of the air condtioner, as well as decreases the efficiency of the system, thus increasing the amount of electricity the air conditioning system uses. Changing your air conditioning filter is perhaps the most important aspect of properly maintaining your air conditioning and heating system.


     Use only pleated style air filters. Sometimes price does matter, in this instance it does. By using cheap fiberglass or poly filters you allow allergens to pass through your system and cause discomforts and illness. Try this! Take your cheap fiberglass filter (it looks like strings) and pour a salt shaker over the top and see how much it actually catches.

If the filter can't catch salt then I doubt it is stopping harmful bacteria etc.. Here at the Ac Medic Heating and Air Conditioning we offer an advanced coil cleaning to help remove those harmful pollutants. Our system can also remove tar and other harmful chemicals associated with smoking. For more information please visit our services page.